Heavenly Acre Saint Bernards

Breeding and Showing Quality AKC Saint Bernards

About Heavenly Acres

Over 7 years ago, I decided it was time to add a dog to our family. I knew with out a doubt that I wanted a large or giant breed dog. After doing much research it was apparent that the St. Bernard encompassed everything we wanted in our new pet: loving, loyal, gentle and kind. Truly a people motivated breed. A breed who I knew would be great with my children, great with our farm animals, and appropriately protective but never aggressive. Having shown and bred horses for most of my life, I  was also very adamant that the dog we purchase, be a quality dog and one that we could potentially breed and show.  Our first Saint was a wonderful companion and while not the quality of dog we now own, taught us a lot about the breed standards, breeding and just why it was so important to choose a reputable breeder.

  From that original dog and our first litter, we have continued to learn and grow as a kennel. We have had the best of mentorship from such wonderful kennels such as Stoan Saint Bernards, Victory Saints, and Lasquite's Registered Saint Bernards we can never say enough kind things about them.

  While we are still considered "new" to showing, we have continuously been complemented on our dogs temperaments, beauty and quality of movement. It is our life long goal to continue to improve the quality of dogs we keep as well as grow in our knowledge of the breed. And, as every good Saint breeder would tell you, improve the quality and maintain the standards of the breed as set forth by St. Bernard Club of America and AKC.

  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you love these wonderful animals as much as we do.