Heavenly Acre Saint Bernards

Breeding and Showing Quality AKC Saint Bernards

Purchasing From Heavenly Acre Saints

Purchasing a dog is fun and exciting. It is also a huge commitment to an animal and the breeder you choose to purchase from. We pre-screen homes to ensure a permanent you are ready to commit to a lifetime of ownership of one of our dogs.


When you have decided to purchase a puppy from a prospective litter there are a few things to know!
As a Kennel we breed dogs to show. That means we don't know what puppies we will keep, place in show homes or place as companions until our puppies are at minimum, 8 weeks of age. Then nature steps in and we never know how many puppies we may have in any given litter or the potential number of males, females, rough coats or smooth coats. Because of all these factors:

  • Hold deposits are Non-Refundable and Not Puppy Specific.
  • We do not guarantee any home the ability to pick their puppy. This includes sex (unless otherwise discussed).
  • Our Kennels breeding and showing plans are our number one priority. This means we may elect to keep any puppy from any litter for any reason.
  • Show homes take precedence to companion homes.
  • Companion puppies will be placed with companion homes based on the order hold deposits are taken.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell or place any puppy with any home for any reason.
  • All dogs are sold on non-negotiable terms set by our Kennel. All dogs leave our Kennel with a contract and health warranty.
  • We only sell dogs with full registration on a co-own basis only. This is non negotiable.



Picture is of Bella at 5 weeks old.


Companion Versus Show Quality

 Companion dogs are quality, loving pets. They are placed as companions into homes where they must be spayed or neutered by 1 year of age. Our spay and neuter clauses are non-negotiable and we do legally enforce them. Companion dogs are different than show dogs only in the fact that they have one or more fault precluding us from wanting to breed or show them. Companion quality dogs, at best, breed only more companion quality puppies.




 Show or breeding quality dogs are held to a standard greater than their companion only counterparts. Not only must they be great companions, but they must exibit traits as puppies that lead us to beleive they will be exempilary embassadors of their breed. Show quality dogs have the potential to produce show and companion quality offspring. Show quality dogs are always sold on a co-own basis only and their new owners will be required to show them. This is to ensure that the breed standard is maintained as well as responsible breeding practices are upheld by those who have taken on one of our show dogs. We do stress, that at 8-10 weeks of age when we select show versus companion dogs, we cannot guarantee that those dogs we pick as show quality will finish an AKC title or represent the breed standard at maturity.