Heavenly Acre Saint Bernards

Breeding and Showing Quality AKC Saint Bernards

Health Issues


Hip Dysplacia

  • Get a written contract with your breeder guaranteeing that your puppy will not develop Severe Genetic Hip Dysplacia.
  • Remember that Hip Dysplacia is a polygenetic disease and is not purely traced at the moment to genetics.  It is partially a result from environmental and genetic causes. Please make sure you understand how important proper food, weight, and exercise can help prevent Hip problems. Your breeder should be able to recommend a proper diet and always be willing to give you breeder support throughout the lifespan of your dog!


  • There are alot of Saint Bernard's that have Genetic Epilepsy. Be careful where you buy your puppy!  Idiopathic Epilepsy- Idiopathic epilepsy is when there is no known cause for the condition and it is assumed it may be an inherited condition. Idiopathic Epilepsy is also called primary or hereditary epilepsy.
  • Parasitic – Severe cases of intestinal worms, end stage heartworms or even anemia from fleas and ticks can cause seizures. So make sure that you buy from a breeder that de-worms their dogs and puppies are living in a clean environment.
  • Do NOT buy from a backyard breeder, pet store, or puppy mill.  
  • Inquire to your breeder about any known epileptic dogs in your puppies’ background.  Make sure you have a written contract with your breeder should your puppy develop Genetic Epilepsy.


  • You should be comfortable with the behavior of the adult Saints at the breeder's home. If you can't touch every Saint Bernard in your breeders home. DO NOT BUY FROM THAT BREEDER! 
  •  It is also important to begin obedience and socialization training at a young age in order to assure their good manners. Despite their large size and their tendency to physically grow quickly, Saints generally are slow to mature mentally, and training should be guided with a gentle, but firm, hand and a good deal of patience and consistency. A well-trained Saint is a joy to behold, and they love to please their human pack leaders.

AKC Registration

Please understand that an AKC registration is just a registration!  It does NOT mean that you have a healthy dog or a Health guarantee!! It doesn’t even mean that the dog meets the Saint Bernard Standard outlined by Saint Bernard Club of America.  Sometimes it’s not even a purebred dog.  So be careful where you buy your Saint Bernard from. Make sure you find a reputable kennel.